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  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM 
  • Plant Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Closed for all major holidays. See calendar for specific closing dates.





General Billing Information
Calculating Equivalent Domestic Unit (EDU) for Billing
Billing Cycle
Penalties, Late Payments, Notices
Non-Sufficient Funds
Payment Methods
Drop Box
Credit/Debit Card Payments
Credit/Debit Card Convenience Fees
Cancelling Service
Grease Traps
Deduct Meter




General Billing Information:

  • Bradys Run Sanitary Authority charges a base rate plus a user rate every quarter (three months) for all residential properties. Most commercial accounts are billed on a monthly basis.
  • For every Equivalent Domestic Unit (EDU), a Base Rate (BR) of $112.24 is charged per 3 month quarter for residential properties that use public water. For all well water residents, the quarterly base rate is $147.02 per EDU. Please contact the authority for commercial base rate inquiries.
  • The User Rate (UR) is determined by the amount of water consumed during the billing period. The amount of water consumption is provided by the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority. For every 1,000 gallons of water used, BRSA charges $3.16. There is no user rate charged to well water customers.
  • See below link to the PDF form for detail explanation of how to read your sanitary bill.
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Calculating Equivalent Domestic Unit (EDU) for Billing

  • EDU is the multiplier used in calculating the base rate for all residential and commercial accounts.
  • Single Family Residential properties typically have an EDU of one (1).
  • Multi Family properties are charged 1 EDU per unit.
  • Commercial EDU for billing: If a commercial account uses in excess of 6,100 gallons of water per month (18,300 gallons per quarter) then the EDU is calculated based on the amount of water consumed divided by the allowed water usage per billing cycle.
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Billing Cycle:

  • Monthly: Most commercial accounts are billed monthly due to the high volume of water usage. Commercial properties that use less than 15,000 per quarter can have the option of being billed quarterly.
  • Quarterly:
    This is a generalization; exact due dates are stated on your bill.
















      1st Quarter     2nd Quarter     3rd Quarter     4th Quarter
      January April July October
      February May August November
      March June September December
    Bills mailed:      May August November February
    Bills due: June September December March



Penalties, Late Payments, Notices:

  • The Amount Due on Stub 1 is always due by the Due Date posted on the bill.  Any outstanding balance, not received in the office by 4:00 PM on the Due Date, will be charged a 10% penalty. There are no grace periods or payment options available.
  • When choosing to pay the monthly "Optional Pre-Payment" Stubs 2 and 3, those payments will appear as a Credit/Debit on the Previous Balance (PB) line on the next quarterly bill.  There are NO penalties assessed on the "Optional Pre-Payment" Stubs.
  • Once Past Due Notices have been mailed, the balance is due within 15 days of the mail date.
  • Failure to pay the balance due on the Penalty Notice may result in a Shut Off Notice along with a Shut Off Notice Posting fee of $15.00 added to the account.
  • Failure to pay the balance due on the Shut Off Notice may result in water termination or capping of your sanitary line connection for well customers.
  • Once your account has been posted with a Shut Off Notice, personal and business check payments will NOT be accepted for payment.
  • There is a $80.00 fee to re-establish water service. Well customers will be charged for the cost associated with capping and uncapping of the sewer line.
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Non-Sufficient Funds:

  • There is a $30.00 fee for all payments (checks or ACH) that are returned from the bank for any reason.
  • If an account has incurred two or more returned payments, then ONLY cash, money order, or Credit/Debit card payments will be accepted for payment for the next 12 months.
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Payment Methods:

  • Cash, Check, Money Orders, and/or Credit/Debit Cards are acceptable forms of payment.
  • Direct draw is available, free of charge. Once set up, you will receive your quarterly bill as usual, but your checking account will be debited on the due date. Form can be found online. Monthly and Quarterly payment options are available.
  • Be familiar with your online banking terms. Some banking institutions will issue a live check and mail the payment to the Authority. This process can take up to 5+ days before the payment reaches the Authority office, so make sure you schedule the payment far enough in advance to avoid penalties/shut off.
  • If your water service has been disconnected or your line has been capped for lack of payment, ONLY cash, Credit/Debit card or money orders will be accepted as payment in order to have water service re-established.
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Drop Box

  • If you choose to physically drop off check or money order payments after hours, there is a secured drop box located in the front of the main entrance of the office building to the left of the door.
  • The drop box is monitored by 24 hour surveillance cameras.
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Credit/Debit Card Payments:

  • Credit/Debit Card transactions have Convenience Fees associated with each use. See “Credit/Debit Card Convenience fee rates” for amount of the fee charge. This fee may appear on your bank/card statement separately from the amount of the bill.
  • Credit/Debit card payments can either be made online at, in person, or by calling the main office at (724) 891-2058. The Credit/Debit card convenience fees are applicable on all Credit/Debit card transactions whether online, over the phone, or in person.
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Credit/Debit Card Convenience Fees:


Amount of Charge   Convenience Fee Charge
$0.00 – $100.00 $ 3.50
$100.01 – $200.00 $ 7.00
$200.01 – $300.00 $10.50
$300.01 – $400.00 $14.00
$400.01 – $500.00 $17.50

*for every $100.00 increment the convenience fee increases by $3.50



  • It is the landlord’s choice to have a bill mailed directly to the tenant.
  • Regardless if a bill is sent to the tenant, the landlord will always receive a duplicate bill, penalty notice, and/or shut off notice.
  • If the landlord chooses to be the only recipient of the sanitary bill, yet requires the tenant to pay the balance, it is not the responsibility of the Authority if a tenant did not receive their bill prior to the due date.
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Cancelling Service:

  • When moving, public water customers must contact the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority (BFMA) to have a final meter reading done before the sanitary account will be finalized. The finalizing of the Sanitary account will go back to the date in which the BFMA read the meter for the final.
  • Unless the connection to the Authorities line is capped, the base rate will apply every billing cycle, regardless of water usage.
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  • Unpaid balances may lead to having a lien filed against the property associated with the outstanding account.
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  • Inspections are required for all new connections and/or capping or uncapping of the line.
  • The inspection needs to be scheduled/completed before the line is covered.
  • Inspection fees are $100.00 and are to be scheduled with BRSA.
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Grease Traps:

  • Grease Trap inspections are done annually. The $40.00 inspection is added to the billing once the inspection has been completed.
  • If your facility fails the grease trap inspection, you will be required to have a grease trap inspection completed every 6 months. The $40.00 inspection fee will apply for inspection. After two consecutive passed inspections, then the facility can go back to annual inspections.
  • Any business or facilities which process/prepare food is required to have a grease trap. Also, facility using oil/water separator (i.e. dealerships, car wash, ect).
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Deduct Meter:

  • Because the User Rate is based on water consumption, any amounts of water used for any reason will be charged the User Rate.
  • All residential and commercial customers, at their own cost and expense, may install one (1) second water meter on a single cold water line which supplies an exterior faucet at a point on the interior of the home or building in the closest proximity possible to the location of the exterior faucet.
  • This second meter is called the deduct meter. All water flowing through this meter shall be excluded from the calculation of the customers user rate on their sanitary bill.
  • Contact the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority for information on where to purchase a Bradys Run Sanitary Authority approved meter type.
  • There is a $3.00 per quarter flat charge for each deduct meter reading.
  • See also, below links to forms for more detailed explanation of deduct meters.
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